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  • What Are You Afraid To Even Ask For?

    On day one you’ll discover your “and” also know as your “too good to be true” desires. You’ll get to feel this vibration and start building a bridge to allowing it into your life.

  • Rise Above Resistance

    On day two you’ll learn what resistance is present to the desired life you uncovered on day one and how to transcend it. This will help you move around any potential pitfalls that come up on your journey so you don’t get held up trying to “clear” or “heal.” We’ll also show you how to navigate your world while staying focused & aligned (this alone is worth coming!)

  • Embody Your Unlimited Potential

    Day three shows you more practical tips for staying in alignment and offers even more on how to calibrate your energy in any circumstance. There is a surprise speaker that will illuminate your unlimited potential. You won’t want to miss her!