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April 25, 2017

Are You Inadvertently “Baking Rat Turd Cookies” In Your Business?

This month’s Intuitive Superpanel  on the #CarrieRoldanShow was AMAZEBALLS!!!!

Once a month, I ask four of my favorite psychics and intuitives to join me and we discuss whatever issues are important to our viewers!

This month I asked (on Facebook) “If you could ask a psychic ONE question about your business, what would it be?” and I got several variations on 3 basic questions:

“What is the next best step for me?”

“When does the big money come?”

“Am I doing the right things, or what is the right system for me?”

Do these questions ring true for you too?

Watch this month’s episode here [and don’t give up on the audio (Mercury in retrograde) – it gets better!]:

So… are you baking rat turd cookies in your business?

Are you “shoulding” on yourself or others?

These things are COMMON, but they’re symptoms of being out of alignment.

Just like you can’t create delicious chocolate chip cookies from rat turds, you can’t create wealth from a lack mentality.  And you can’t live your Divine purpose if you’re following someone else’s plan.

If you feel out of alignment in ANY are of your life and or business, chances are one of today’s experts can help!



Rachel Archelaus is the founder of the Intuitive Art Academy where she teaches people how to have a two way conversation with their intuition. She is an internationally known spiritual teacher and business mentor to lightworkers. Her book, Intuitive Art: Have a Two Way Conversation with your Higher Self, will be out in May.

Take Rachel’s FREE Intuitive Art class here:


RoseAnn Janzen is the No BS psychic for business and creativity and core desire activator. If you’ve ever wondered how a psychic could help you with your business, then Roseann’s Crystal Clarity Reading is for you!

Book your reading with RoseAnn here:


Cindia Carrere is the Energy Stylist for entrepreneurs.  She can SEE your energy grid and will help you to remove the energetic blocks that you don’t want, and sculpt and style your grid to match the life and business you desire.

Schedule an Energy Grid Consultation with Cindia Here:


Jean Berry is successful creative entrepreneur and creator of the Angels, Peacocks, and Butterflies game that opens intuition and gets business owners into action on the most important things.

Order Jean’s Game here:


And of course, I’m Carrie Roldan– your teammate on this entrepreneurial journey, and Body-Mind-Business Alignment coach. I run alongside you on the journey, cheering you on, and providing practical business advice paired with intuitive insight and wisdom to keep you ALIGNED with your life’s mission and loving the ride! You can schedule a conversation with me at



If you’ve got a suggestion for next month’s topic or a comment about today’s episode, please let us know in the comments section below!

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