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March 6, 2017

CASE STUDY VIDEO-How Sarah Lost 19 lbs By Rebooting Her Hormones!

When Losing Weight Feels Like A Losing Game!

If losing weight feels like a losing game to you, you’re not alone!

It seems to happen to ALL of us at some point after age 30.  And for most of us, it’s not discipline or will-power that is the problem;

It’s that our hormones are out of balance, and it’s affecting more than just our waistlines.

Our metabolisms are made up of seven essential hormones, and if one or more of them gets out of balance, it causes the whole system to (eventually) go haywire, leading to steady weight gain (no matter how diligently you stick to your diet plan), and a slew of other hormonal symptoms including sleep problems, fatigue, headaches, bloating, brain fog, menstrual changes, breast tenderness, excess belly fat,  and much, much more!

Recognize yourself in this list?

Take the Hormone Quiz NOW to see if your hormones may be out of whack!


I recently got an exciting Facebook message from Sarah Michael informing me that she had lost 19 lbs since going through my 30 day Body-Mind-Business Reboot Program 3 months ago!


What is exciting about Sarah’s success is that the weight loss was a pleasant side effect of healing her broken metabolism.

Once she addressed the seven essential hormones to metabolism, the weight came off. She has continued to shed weight and inches even through a holiday season, and without having to live in “self-deprivation mode”

Sarah is now able to eat like a “regular person” and not worry about every bite she takes, because her metabolism is now functioning properly.

She is also experiencing more clarity around what her next best business steps are because she no longer struggles with brain fog!


Take the Hormone Quiz NOW to determine if rebooting your metabolism is the next best step for YOU!

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