Get to the CORE Issues Behind Food Cravings!

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  • So you can enjoy your life without feeling deprived!
  • So you can go to restaurants and parties without worrying about what you'll eat!
  • So you can heal your food issues once and for all!
  • And finally feel FREE!!!!!!

Dear Empowered One,

If you are struggling to maintain your empowered choices around food,then this is for you!

Are you becoming fearful that maintaining the lifestyle you aspire to may be more than you can realistically handle?

Does it feel like the world (and your family and friends) are conspiring against your healthy- eating success?

Maybe you’re even beating yourself up for your self-sabotage, or seeming lack of self control.

And even though you know better,

You’re STILL struggling with certain foods.

And your motivation to “be good” seems to have escaped you.

If this is you, you are not alone!  

Dr. Sarah Gottfried recommends doing a Hormone Reset 3 or 4 times a year….


But wouldn’t it be better if you moved into the healthy habits permanently so you would always feel and look your best without the inevitable “backslide?”  

I can give you plenty of tactics and tips to MANAGE “backslide behavior”, but I’d much rather help you HEAL  the root issue that’s causing it.

Because the root issue behind why you still crave certain foods likely goes beyond the physical.  

And luckily for you, getting to the CORE of the issue is one of my intuitive gifts.

I have an intuitive ability to hear what you’re not saying and quickly “get you there,” so that you can experience true freedom and empowerment around even your avalanche foods!


Recently, I helped a client, RoseAnn, who was once-again wrestling with herself about her life-long “need” for sugar.  She had found it easy and empowering to live sugar-free for several months and never felt better.  She had come into glorious hormonal alignment, and things were really moving in her life and business as a result.  So why, then, did she find herself slipping back into old habits?  And feeling so powerless to get a handle on it again… especially now that she “knew better?”


RoseAnn and I did a Core Issue Analysis session, and before long, we moved beyond the sugar itself and into true transformation.  The sugar craving was really a symptom of a much deeper need. We identified the Core Issue, and began the healing process. At the end of our session, all RoseAnn could say was “Holy Shit!  That was transformational.  Thank you.”

If this sounds like exactly what you need, then click the button below to schedule your 90 minute “Core Issue Analysis” Session where we’ll identify your core issue and start the healing process.  

Let’s shine the light on what really needs healing!!!

Get to Your Core Issue!

...So you can enjoy your life without feeling deprived

...So you can go to restaurants and parties without worrying about what you’ll eat

...So you can heal your food issues once and for all

...And finally feel FREE!!!


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