Welcome To The HBHS XC Resource Page - Here You'll Find Resources For Injury Prevention and Treatment As Well As Links to Presentations From Team Clinics

Use this page as a resource to ensure that you stay strong, flexible, aligned, and injury free this season!

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Resistance Bands

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Alignment Based Warmups - Do one of these BAREFOOT before EVERY run!

Do one of these warmup routines before you start ANY run.  Most running injuries are not caused by impact or overuse, but from skeletal and muscular imbalances.  These warmups are designed to get your body aligned and warm before you head out for a run, ensuring proper form, which leads to better running economy and faster times!

We chose Egoscue based yoga because of the focus on the breath.  As a runner, your breath is one of your most important tools, and learning how to control it and "relax around the work" is paramount to your success.

Core Strength Routines

Do one of these routines post-run at least 3 times per week (barefoot if you can).

A strong core is essential to proper running mechanics.  However, your core is MORE than just your abs. These routines have been carefully selected to ensure that you strengthen the areas that are important to your running.  We have intentionally mixed yoga and Egoscue based core routines.

Dynamic Stretching and Strengthening

Yoga Playlists

Breathing For Better Running

Running Form Tutorials and Resources

Arm Swing:

Forward Lean:


Foot strike:

Therapy for Common Running Injuries

Sometimes injuries happen.  Here are some steps you can take to get rid of them.

If pain worsens or persists, seek professional help.

Knee Pain

Hip Issues

Plantar Fasciitis

Tight IT Band

Shin Pain

2 Types of Shin Splints and How to Treat Each

Ankle (foot, calf, and achilles too) Issues

Presentations From XC Clinics


Nutrition Clinic


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