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March 29, 2017

Intuitive Perspectives on “Entrepreneurial ADD”

I’ve wanted to do this since I started the #CarrieRoldanShow… and it’s finally here!!!


I’m thrilled to announce a new special series on the #CarrieRoldanShow! I’ve assembled a DREAM TEAM of psychic and intuitive women entrepreneurs to get together once a month and talk about relevant topics in our businesses… and I cannot WAIT for you to see it!!!

My dream team includes, Rachel Archelaus, Cindia Carrere, RoseAnn Janzen, Jean Berry, and ME!! These ladies have been my teammates on the entrepreneurial journey! They’ve helped me to stay in alignment, understand my circumstances, heal old wounds, trust my own psychic and intuitive gifts, see the bigger picture, and choose the next best steps in my life and business! And I’m so excited to share their collective wisdom with you!!!

This month’s topic is:

Entrepreneurial ADD- How to know when and HOW to act on the gazillion nudges and ideas you get about your business!

If you’ve ever found that you simply had too many great ideas, or had trouble focusing on the “one thing” that the business experts told you you needed to, then this episode is for you!




Rachel Archelaus is the founder of the Intuitive Art Academy where she teaches people how to have a two way conversation with their intuition. She is an internationally known spiritual teacher and business mentor to lightworkers. Her book, Intuitive Art: Have a Two Way Conversation with your Higher Self, will be out in May.

Take Rachel’s FREE Intuitive Art class here:

RoseAnn Janzen is the No BS psychic for business and creativity and core desire activator. If you’ve ever wondered how a psychic could help you with your business, then Roseann’s Crystal Clarity Reading is for you!

Book your reading with RoseAnn here:

Cindia Carrere is the Energy Stylist for entrepreneurs.  She can SEE your energy grid and will help you to remove the energetic blocks that you don’t want, and sculpt and style your grid to match the life and business you desire.

Schedule an Energy Grid Consultation with Cindia Here:

Jean Berry is successful creative entrepreneur and creator of the Angels, Peacocks, and Butterflies game that opens intuition and gets business owners into action on the most important things.

Order Jean’s Game here:

And of course, I’m Carrie Roldan– your teammate on this entrepreneurial journey, and Body-Mind-Business Alignment coach. I run alongside you on the journey, cheering you on, and providing practical business advice paired with intuitive insight and wisdom to keep you ALIGNED with your life’s mission and loving the ride! You can schedule a conversation with me at


If you’ve got a suggestion for next month’s topic or a comment about today’s episode, please let us know in the comments section below!

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