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February 14, 2017

Put Your “Ideal Me” Pants On

Have you ever told yourself (or been told by someone else):

“It’s time to put your big girl pants on!”

And what do we really mean when we tell ourselves (or others) this?


At the core of this statement, we’re asking ourselves to step into an new energy…

to show up differently, and in a way that is ALIGNED with our life and business goals.


But what if you really could put your “ideal me” pants on every day?

What if every time you got dressed, you were stepping into the energy of the “me” you want to be?


This week’s #CarrieRoldanShow is all about making aligned wardrobe choices.

My Guest, Maegan Watson, explains that wardrobe isn’t just about “image”.

It’s about literally putting your “ideal me” pants on every day,

And showing up differently because of it.

It’s a powerful episode, and I hope you’ll watch.




Maegan is offering FREE ($500 value) style consults just for the people in my tribe (That’s YOU!!!)

But you’ll need to act fast because she can only hold the space for those who apply by February 18th.



Sooo, if you are ready to step int your “ideal me” wardrobe,

And show up differently in your life and business



Huuuge Love to you!



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