Did you know that balancing your hormones could actually help you lose weight and make more money?

If you've been feeling sluggish, fatigued, stuck in your business and uninspired, this is for you.

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In just 30 days, you can...

  • Lose weight
  • Gain confidence and get comfortable in your own skin again!
  • Lose inches and fit back into the clothes you love!
  • Gain clarity in your mission and the next incarnation of your business
  • Experience a myriad of health benefits -from skin clearing to migraines leaving, and everything in between!

After gaining fifteen pounds in the first five years of my heart centered business, I felt fat, foggy,  FRUSTRATED, and unfulfilled! Can you relate?

 So, let me ask you something….

As a woman of a “certain age,” are  you often told that uncomfortable hormonal changes are just part of the deal? That they are “normal” and should simply be managed?

Have you gained weight despite making positive changes in your relationship with food?

Or are you struggling with brain fog?

Not sleeping through the night?

In a near-constant state of overwhelm?

Noticing hair (or eyebrow/eyelash) loss?

Bloating? Headaches? Fatigue?

Are you letting any of these symptoms stop you from fully showing up in your life and business?

Girlfriend, I've developed the Body-Mind-Business Reboot just for you! It's based on a systematic approach to resetting each of the seven essential hormones to metabolism. You see, your hormones can either work for you, or against you!  So let's get them working for you!

When you do this, you come into "cellular alignment" with your higher self, and the highest calling of your business! And when you do THAT, miracles occur!

Nancy Lost 12 lbs and Found the True Essence of Her Brand!

Nancy Juetten

“From the moment I said ‘YES’ to the Body-Mind-Biz-Reboot, I was ‘all in.’  There comes a time when carrying extra weight is just not acceptable for a moment longer.  That’s why I followed the  program to the letter and have made meaningful shifts in my eating habits.  So many good things have already unfolded.  I released 12 pounds and started feeling better in my own skin soon after. Clothes in my closet that were once too tight are now a bit loose.

New ideas are flowing and fueling my business plans in a way that both astounds and delights me. I’ve loved the community of soul sisters I have met in the Body-Mind-Biz-Reboot Private Facebook Group while taking this transformational journey. I hope to meet up with them in person one day soon to celebrate our many successes. Thank you Carrie Roldan for creating this truly life-enhancing program!”

Nancy Juetten http://www.getknowngetpaid.com

RoseAnn Lost 11 lbs and Several Inches, and Now Has Clarity in Her Business!

RoseAnn Janzen  http://revealyourlife.com

Jeanna Lost 12 lbs and Worked Through Major Resistance!

Jeanna Gabellini

“This program was a life changer! It moved me through food addictions I didn’t even know were running my body, got me through the resistance of giving up those foods and I’m down 12 lbs.

Miraculously, the program was easier to follow than I first thought…and thank goodness for the empowering support of the community of ladies in the program. It’s been weeks since the program ended and I’m still following it!”

Jeanna Gabellini http://masterpeacecoaching.com/

What You'll Get In the 30 Day Body-Mind-Business ReBoot:

  • ReBoot Your Metabolism, Hormones, and Habitual Patterns

    An integral part of the Body-Mind-Business ReBoot will be following a 21 day hormone reset plan.  We’ll work through this together, as a group, resetting our metabolisms for maximum fat burning and energy, and deeply listening to our bodies’ responses while adopting new habits of self care.

  • Freedom From Overwhelm and Brain Fog... and FINALLY Get A Good Night's Sleep

    As we reboot our body chemistry, we’ll get into energetic alignment on the cellular level. We’ll find a new sense of ease, clarity, and focus in our lives and businesses.  And you just may find that you are sleeping better than you have in years!

  • Behave Like the Person You Hope to Become

    Together, we’ll create practices that become habits that support your highest personal and business goals.

  • A Community of Like-Minded Women Entrepreneurs on the Journey Together

    We have a Facebook group where we can support, encourage, and inspire each other and keep one another accountable as well.

  • Energetic Alignment And Inspired Action toward the Highest Calling for You and Your Business

    This is the truly miraculous part of the ReBoot!  By the end of the hormone reset, you’ll be energetically aligned in a way that you may never have been before.  Suddenly, taking aligned, inspired, action in your business will feel easy, natural, and effortless.  Peace, Ease, and Abundance will flow!


Sarah Lost 10 lbs AND Found Ease, Pride, and Confidence in Her Business!

Sarah Richardson

I joined the Mind, Body, Business Reboot because I’m a running coach who has spent too many hours on the computer building my business over the past year.  I was eager to start strictly for the physical, to lose some weight.  What ended up happening was so much more valuable!  

With Carrie’s fabulous daily instruction and support, I was able to stay dedicated to my personal health and wellness while running my business (literally).  I was able to shed 10lbs with ease and inches off of my waist, which thrilled me.  

But the deeper gift of this program was that I felt proud of myself.  Moving forward with my business felt easier with this newly awakened pride and confidence.  I can honestly say, the Reboot was a huge reason for my recent growth spurt.  The clarity from the amazing foods made me feel unstoppable and illuminated a focused path to achieve my goals.  I am so excited to go forth and make them come true!

So Many Hugs!


Sarah Richardson http://www.riseandshine.run/

Alisoun's Migraines Disappeared, She Lost Weight, And She's Never Felt Better!

Alisoun MacKenzie  http://Alisoun.com

And Check Out My Personal Results!

I lost eight pounds and five inches off my body in the first 30 days, and I GAINED clarity, focus, inspired action, and alignment in my business! I'm sleeping better than I have in years, I swear I have MORE TIME (crazy but true) in my days, and my skin looks great too! WOOHOO!!!


Here's the Breakdown!

  • Days 1-3

    Estrogen – You’ll learn about estrogen dominance and take the dietary steps necessary to begin balancing your estrogen. We’ll say buh-bye to alcohol and meat for a little while.

  • Days 4-6

    Insulin – You’ll take action to ensure healthy insulin levels, while continuing to reset and reboot your estrogen levels. Adios sucrose!

  • Days 7-9

    Leptin– You’ll learn about this hormone and it’s relationship to your body’s hunger response, and you’ll make the dietary changes necessary to reset it. Yup, we’re going fruitless… but don’t stress, it’s not forever!

  • Days 10-12

    Cortisol – You’ll dive into what this stress related hormone is really doing in your body, and make the necessary changes to stop it from causing you to store belly fat, and have trouble sleeping! We’ll ditch caffeine and get more sleep!

  • Days 13-15

    Thyroid- You’ll learn the importance of this hormone in your overall well being, and make the necessary dietary changes to begin a thyroid reset. We’ll be grain free during this reset,and you’ll LOVE It!

  • Days 16-18

    Growth Hormone– Thankfully artificial growth hormones have been removed from most of the dairy products on the market today, but that does’t mean that your body’s levels are ideal.  You’ll make the dietary changes necessary to reset your levels and notice positive changes! And since you’re not a baby cow, your body will thank you for cutting out bovine breast milk!


  • Days 19-21

    Testosterone– Yes, women have testosterone in our bodies too!  And too much or too little can result in all kinds of weirdness!  You’ll take these last 3 days of the hormone reset portion of the program to eliminate toxins that may be affecting your testosterone (and other hormones as well).

  • Days 22-24

    Re-Entry – After the 21 days of the Hormone Reset Diet, we’ll spend three days mindfully creating a re-entry strategy.  This is a period of deep body listening and intuitive guidance on what foods and habits will best serve you, moving forward.

  • Days 25-27

    Aligning With Your Highest Calling – While we will be touching on this topic throughout the full 30 days, now that your body is in hormonal and cellular alignment, we’ll spend 3 days in deep conversation with your higher self and the highest calling of your life and business.

  • Days 28-30

    Lean Into Leadership– If you are called to serve, then you are called to lead!  We’ll spend the last three days integrating all of the positive changes you have made in your body, mind, and business.  You’ll figure out what your role as “leader” is in your life and business.


Join Now, And You Will Also Receive These Bonuses!

  • BONUS: NeuroRewrite (TM) Process

    We’ll have a special BONUS session with Diamon Sweeney who will help us quickly and painlessly rewire ourselves for success (and change our relationship with our body) by deactivating thoughts and stories that do not serve our highest good.   $300 Value

  • BONUS: "Is Your Makeup Making You Fat?" Training with Christy Funk

    Eco Beauty Stylist and radical Self Love Coach, Christy Funk, walks us through the hidden ingredients in our makeup, personal care, and cleaning products that affect our hormones and offers alternatives that make sense for our lifestyles.  $200 Value

  • BONUS: 21 Days of Recipes and Live Training with Julie Diaz of "One Fresh Meal"

    Julie Diaz of “One Fresh Meal”  has prepared recipes and meal suggestions for the program, AND will do a live training on how to set yourself up for  and MAINTAIN success!     $500 Value

Total Program Value: $3,600

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100% Risk Free Guarantee

If, upon completion of the Body-Mind-Business Reboot, you do not notice positive changes in your body, mind, and business, Carrie Roldan will refund your investment.


Cindia Lost 11lbs and Her Husband is Down 20!

Stop feeling like the drawing on the left, and embody the one on the right! It's 30 days that will change your life.

get started now

Total Program Value: $3,600

NOW Just $297

    100% Risk Free Guarantee

    If, upon completion of the Body-Mind-Business Reboot, you do not notice positive changes in your body, mind, and business, Carrie Roldan will refund your investment.

    Kim Carpenter

    I've lost 5lbs and an inch around the waist, and tons of BLOAT... but the more important thing is just feeling happier and NICER!  I have more energy and I don't need to take naps. I am working my buns off right now preparing for a product launch, but I don't feel grumpy about it like I usually do. This is HUGE! I know this is going to make a big difference for our launch and my sales conversations too.  Thank you Carrie!

    Kim Carpenter, http://wakeupandchangetheworld
    ZaZa Giroday

    Carrie , your program pulls together different pieces I have been reading and learning for the past 25 years and you are making it so easy to digest, it’s wonderful. It then also makes sense in the day-to-day application.  Thank you so much!

    ZaZa Giroday, Authority Branding Agency
    Marie Walti

    Before the Reboot, I was tired, sluggish and feeling blah but demanding my mind to perform day in and day out.   The program was a tremendous help for me.  I learned a ton about nutrition and my body and it opened up alignment to other areas of my life.  I lost about 6 lbs during the session, which for my small frame was significant.  The most important thing, though, is I feel in a better space to engage with my kids and business in a fuller capacity.  

    Marie Walti

    Disclaimer: Carrie Roldan is not a doctor, and this is not a medically supervised program. Carrie is not responsible for any complications resulting from the Body-Mind-Business ReBoot. Consult your doctor before starting any fitness or nutrition program.  Carrie is a super cool chick who creates community, inspiration, and support wherever she goes.  If that sounds like exactly what you need, DIVE IN!