Ready to Make Magic Together?  

You're Personally Invited Into "Team BFF"!!!!

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So, are you ready for a mastermind... but SO. MUCH. MORE???

Do you wish you had a TEAM of other women entrepreneurs in your corner?  To bounce ideas off of, confide in, and rely on for emotional and business support? To be your parachute? Your cheerleaders? Your co-creators? Soul Sisters? BFFs? And JV partners?

I get it, Girlfriend!  I was there too!  And for a long time I thought the answer was in another coaching program, a 1:1 coach, or a high level mastermind.

But I tried those things...

And none of them filled the void I was feeling in my business!

Having been a cross country and track coach for so long, I intuitively knew what was missing. It was TEAM!

Together.  Everyone.  Achieves.  More!

But could I actually create TEAM among women entrepreneurs? Could we really become teammates on the entrepreneurial journey?  Lifting each other up as we climb to higher levels of success, ease, joy, and abundance in our own businesses?

I decided if anyone could create it, it was ME!  After all, I have a solid track record of creating a culture of success on women's athletic teams!  It was bound to translate, right?!  And why was no one else doing it?

So, in February 2016, I launched the beta version of my "Team BFF Mastermind"... and what started out as an experiment has turned into a sisterhood!

Nearly three years later, we are truly BFFs (best friends forever), and can't imagine navigating this world of online entrepreneurhood without each other.

Here is what Sherry has to say about our group:

"This group to me is a solid, fertile ground that ANYTHING can grow on. It's a touchstone for everything that is meaningful and true for me. It's a party, a baptism, a sky full of stars. This group is about energy, friendship, support, vitality, truth, goodness, humor, and joy. It's an affirmation for what is so. It is an opening to what is possible. It's a meal of healthy vegetable soup and dessert of the best dark chocolate!

I'm so grateful that I was lucky enough to get invited in!"

- Sherry Belul, Simply Celebrate

Poetic, Right?!?!?!

Sherry is amazing!!!!... and so are ALL of the women who I invite into Team BFF.

Yup, these groups are invitation only.

They're for women I admire, trust, and feel a NEED to know better. And what happens in them is MAGIC!!!

What I love most about team BFF is the FEELING that we have when we all get together, or even 2 or 3 of us get together. To me that's the magic... Belonging, being loved, being supported no matter what.

-RoseAnn Janzen

Friend, You've arrived at this page because my intuition told me to invite you.  My spider sense said that this is a need for you too...

And I only invite people who I believe can help to up-level EVERYONE in the group.  We may not all be in the same stage of business, but we come together by Divine appointment, and we're all meant to serve each other in a big way. We're meant to grow, change, and UP-LEVEL together!

Team BFFs are small - 7 members including me

They're intimate, and they're powerful....

And the newest group is forming NOW!

Here are the Deets!

We meet (virtually via zoom) the second and fourth Tuesday of the month from 10:30 -11:45 AM Pacific time.  It's a 6 month commitment, and it's EXACTLY what you and your business REALLY need to get to the next level.

Does it feel like a fit?

But need to talk about it?

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  • Format

    • 2 zoom calls per month
    • 75 minute meetings 
    • 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month (10:30 Pacific)
    • 1 fifteen minute laser coaching call per month
  • Features

    • Small group setting (max 6 participants)
    • Group energy clearing (when appropriate)
    • Collective wisdom of the group of savvy heart centered women entrepreneurs
    • Regularly tapping into the “master mind” to access answers and ideas for your business.
    • Co-creating and holding space for miracles!
    • Facebook group for support between meetings
  • Benefits

    • Stop investing in programs you don’t need and get the support you DO need!
    • A “safety net” of Business BFFs who truly have your best interests at heart
    • Increased confidence about business decisions
    • The energetic backing and intentionality of the group
    • Teammates on the entrepreneurial journey!
    • Soul-mates for life (por vida, baby!)