January 9, 2015


I’m glad you’re here!!!

Can I get totally vulnerable with you for a minute?

I have three children and one husband who completely light up my world and simultaneously drive me bat-shit-crazy! Can you relate? I’m one of the busy entrepreneurs that I help!  It’s funny how that works, isn’t it?  It has been true in my life that I teach what I most need to learn, and that is what my business and the #CarrieRoldanShow are all about.

I seem to have been born a teacher, leader, “cheerleader” (as much as I have resisted that label) and coach. When I was a child, these traits were more commonly referred to as “know it all” or “bossy.”  However, as I have grown into my gifts and talents, I realize that I am simply meant to learn, grow, inspire, and share.

Now, as I’ve reached age 40 (WTH?  How is that even possible??!?!), I am learning to step into my true gifts and fearlessly live the life of my dreams.   And, why not help as many other women entrepreneurs as I can along the way?!

So, here’s my story in a nutshell…

I’ve been a runner since I was 14.  I was a standout in high school and went on to compete collegiality in cross country and track and field. After college, I became a teacher and coach.  While I knew I was a very good high school teacher, I also recognized within a few years that it was not what I was meant to be doing for-evvv-er!  I enjoyed interacting with the students but didn’t have a passion for the subject matter (English and Spanish) or the classroom setting.  So, when my first child came along, I used it as a good excuse to exit teaching but continued to coach.

I thoroughly enjoyed coaching cross country and track (and freaking rocked at it), both at the high school level, and at the NCAA level, but after the birth of my third child, I recognized that I needed to take a step back.

But if I wasn’t teaching or coaching, then who was I?  While I saw raising my children as a very important job, I also felt that it couldn’t possibly be the only thing that I was meant to be doing. I had lost my sense of purpose!

I had an intuitive knowing that I was meant to live an abundant life of purpose, meaning, and impact, and  have often described this feeling as “busting at the seams with potential.”  I could feel my own greatness, but that was it.  I didn’t know what to do with it.  So, I set about the business of figuring that out. It seemed that with each new revelation, I was launching a new business, but despite my best efforts, none met my expectations of success.  I was left feeling defeated, deflated, and totally incapable.

It has been a journey of personal and spiritual growth and development, and with every new personal insight, I recognize that I can help others by sharing what I learn.  So that is what I now do.  I have a regular Inetrnet TV show called the #CarrieRoldanshow, where I interview experts on everything that entrepreneurs need for body, mind, and business; from business advice to taking care of yourself while holding it all together, we cover it all!  And I have started CarrieRoldan.com to take the conversation further!  To share my struggles, triumphs, and resources that I’ve gathered along the way!

And running is still a huge part of my life.  It has become a catalyst for spiritual growth and living a life of purpose and meaning for me and the women I help.  My first book, Run Yourself Happy; a five week training program to release anxiety and create space for miracles  is available for purchase, and my signature coaching program, the Body-Mind-Business ReBoot helps heart centered women entrepreneurs to lose weight, feel at home in their bodies again, and serve their highest calling through their business.

I find so much joy in sharing my journey and will continue to do so as I continue to learn and grow.   Let’s learn and grow together, shall we?! We’ve got this, Sista!!!

Bragging Rights:

I’m a best-selling author, speaker, coach, runner, and kick-ass mompreneur who is constantly evolving. Plus, I can touch my nose with my tongue… so there’s that! 🙂

I manage to put on makeup at least once per week, and aspire to one day use the bathroom without interruption.  I talk with my whole body and can literally light up a room when I get inspired! 🙂

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