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December 29, 2016

Do THIS Before You Start a Diet or Join a Gym!

Hi there,

If you’re like me, you spend this time of year wrapping up loose ends and making big plans for your life and business.

And while most of us heart centered entrepreneurs know that we are “enough as we are”, we also long to feel great in these bodies we inhabit!

We’re ready to feel at home in our bodies again, and we recognize that it’s time to lose the weight we’ve been steadily gaining over the past several years!

BUT… before you commit to joining your local gym, or starting that diet that worked so well for your neighbor (or the celebrity on TV), I urge you to attend my upcoming masterclass.

“The Real Reason You Can’t Lose the Weight (and why you should stop listening to conventional wisdom about metabolism slowing down!)” 

It’s entirely free, and it’s a game-changer!

Register here: http://www.carrieroldan.com/masterclass

Because my guess is that you HAVE tried to lose weight and be healthier

But despite your disciplined efforts, you saw minimal results!

I get it!!!

And I was there too!

I had actually given up on ever feeling “at home” in my body again..

I thought that the brain-fog, sleep issues, and weight-gain were all unfortunate side effects of being a woman my age.

But that all changed once I learned the real reason I couldn’t lose the weight… SOOOO I made you a video about it:

If you’re ready for this… and I know it is soooo many of us are,

Then Register Now : http://www.carrieroldan.com/masterclass

In this 90 minute class, we’ll dig deep into:

  • Common misconceptions about hormones and weight gain
  • Why you should stop listening to conventional wisdom about metabolism slowing down
  • And how you can “turn back the clock” on your metabolism so you never have to “diet” again

Soooooo, before you spends thousands on a personal trainer, gym membership, and weight loss program,

Do yourself a favor and attend this completely free masterclass.

It won’t cost you anything but your time,

And it just might change your life! (Nancy- the woman I mentioned in the video- is down 18 lbs!)

REGISTER HERE: http://www.carrieroldan.com/masterclass

Miles of Smiles,
Carrie Roldan
Body-Mind-Business Mentor
Best Selling Author of Run Yourself Happy

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