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October 3, 2017

I Just Finished Delivering My First-Ever Intuitive Art for Beginners Class, And It Was AMAZEBALLS!!!

OMG!!!  I just finished delivering my first-ever Intuitive Art for Beginners class, and it was seriously sooo much fun to watch the light bulbs go on, and to see people feeling satisfied and inspired by the answers their received from their drawings!!!

If you didn’t get a chance to join us live, you can catch the replay below (audio gets better after the first couple minutes).


AND, several of those who attended asked how they could GO DEEPER and learn more about this Amazing method of connecting with your Higher Self, so I promised to send out the links!

If you’d like to use Intuitive Art to access your highest calling AND get a to do list of action steps from your Higher Self, I invite you to check out Rachel Archelaus’ Soul Focus Method.  Rachel is the creator if Intuitive Art, and an incredible teacher!

What is the Soul Focus Method?

We’re here to manifest our desires and live our highest good, potential, and soul purpose. The Soul Focus Method is the process of getting our to-do’s from our Higher Self so we can live in alignment and reap the multi-dimensional rewards of that. In a nutshell, we learn to make choices that deliver our desires to us. In this course you’ll use the Soul Focus Method to help you:

  1. Figure out what you want (and what will bring you the highest fulfillment and abundance)

  2. Get the action steps needed to manifest your desires

  3. Follow through with those actions steps so your reality changes

Sound like what you NEED?!?!  CLICK HERE for Details!

AAAAND, at least one participant (Jen) on today’s Intuitive Art for Beginners class was so taken by the method, she was inspired to become a Certified Intuitive Artist herself!!!

If you watch the replay above and are as excited to dive in and learn more like Jen, you can head straight to to learn more about the Certified Intuitive Artist program (I’m currently in the process of becoming certified and can’t say enough good things!!!). There is a 20% discount for anyone who use the coupon code “CARRIE” by October 14th (you’re welcome!) 🙂

Thanks sooo much to those of you who were live on the call!  It was So. Much. Fun!!!!I love that you guys now have quick and easy way to have a 2 way conversation with your Higher Self!

And if you need anything at all, please don’t hesitate to reach out!


Carrie Roldan
Best Selling Author of Run Yourself Happy
Intuitive Business Mentor
Helping entrepreneurs to co- create their dreams….or something better!

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