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October 15, 2015

Let’s Create Time and Money Freedom Together, Shall we?

So today’s post is a bit of a departure for me…

And a wee bit scary to publish…

You see, I hadn’t planned on writing much about this this…

Much less, making a video!

I was just going to do a few social media posts to support my friend…

And as you can tell from the image below, I wasn’t exactly “video ready” when I shot this…

But this morning, a friend of mine,  Best-Selling Author, Dr Tony Pennells released a new ebook called:

“The 5 Lies That Keep You Time and Money Poor in the Wealthiest Countries on Earth”

And that really got me thinking…

What lies am I living… without even knowing it?!?!

Book Title: The 5 Lies That Keep You Time and Money Poor In The Wealthiest Countries On The Planet

As a home based entrepreneur, I was telling myself the lie that I had created “time freedom” because I can set my own hours.

But that is only part of the equation….

If you are an entrepreneur, then I am betting you launched your business with intention of creating more time and money freedom in your life…

Just like I did…

But have you?

I haven’t… yet!

If you are living any of these five lies (which actually feel a lot like truths at first),

then you (like me, apparently) are fighting an uphill battle…

So, do what I just did!

Grab your FREE copy of Tony’s new book today, and join me on the journey to REAL time and money freedom!!!

Her is my link for Tony’s launch process:

Let’s do this TOGETHER, shall we!?!

BTW:  If I have TIME, I’ll be posting more vulnerable updates of my insights and “ahas” as I follow Tony’s launch. 🙂

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