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December 13, 2016

My BIG 2017 Goal…and what I just did about it!

It’s a crazy time of year, right?!?!

I feel like this week is all about checking things off my list and tying up loose ends to I can be DONE with my 2016 business year by midnight, December 15th! (GULP! ┬áThere is still A LOT on my “to do” list)

Because my kids have class holiday parties on Friday, and then they are off school until 2017!

But as I close out 2016, I’m also looking forward to 2017.

And last week, in my mastermind group, we each committed to one big goal for 2017.

Mine was speaking… on a BIG stage… to hundreds of my ideal clients.

And have SO. Much. Fun!!!!

I can see that stage…

Feel the energy of the room…

And hear the comments from the women in the audience.

And while I completely believe in the law of attraction,

I also know that I have a responsibility to take aligned action toward this goal.

Which is why I am so glad I attended Nancy Juetten’s Masterclass (which was yesterday):

It was the EXACT NEXT STEP I needed to set me down the yellow brick road to my goal!

And it’s not too late to catch the replay!… which is totally worth it, by the way!


When you register at the link above, not only will you gain access to the replay of Nancy’s masterclass (which was AH-MAZE-ing and jam packed with nuggets of GOLD),

But you’ll also get a suuuuper valuable “Sizzling Speaker Sheet” template

As a result of attending Nancy’s Masterclass for aspiring speakers, I now have a PLAN…

and clear action steps to take, in order to achieve mt dream of speaking on a big stage in 2017!

So if you have similar goals, then I urge you to CATCH THE REPLAY┬ábefore she takes it down…

On midnight, December 15th. (Coincidence?!?!? I think NOT!)

That’s something like 48 hours from now.

I know it is a busy time if year…

but if it will support you in achieving your dreams in 2017,

then it’s worth the investment of your time NOW!

Watch The Replay NOW

and don’t forget to download your sizzling speaker sheet template!

So let’s close out 2016 STRONG…

Here’s to doing what’s important,

and taking the necessary actions

By MIDNIGHT, December 15th!

GO US!!! (that’s you and me… we’ve got this, Right??!?!?!)

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