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September 24, 2015

The YouTube Hack That Saved My Life

Ever notice how the seemingly obvious and relatively simple little things that you discover in your business can also be the the mind- blowing game changers?

Well, I’m about to share one of those with you!!

This is… wait for it…

“The YouTube Hack That Saved My Life!”

Alright…perhaps I am being overly dramatic.  It’s didn’t actually save my life…

but learning this simple trick, did help me to feel like I got a huge chunk of my life back, in the form of TIME!!!

You see, I love learning, and as a marketing geek, I consume tons of information…

…much of which comes at me in the form of videos and webinars.

But I’m a busy mom with an endless to-do list who doesn’t have time to waste…

So when a friend shared this with me (bless you, Lisa Engles!), I practically cried with excitement.

She showed me how …

wait for it…

You can speed up a YouTube video with 2 little clicks!!!

 YES!!!!!!  By simply clicking the little gear button on any YouTube video, I can control the speed at which I view (and so can you!).

Mind blowing??!?!   Life saving??!?!

I suppose that all depends on who you are…

But I tell you this, it has changed the way I watch replays FOREVER!!!!

Sure, people sound a little chipmunk-ish…

And yes, I slow it down when I really need to digest the content…

But this little button has freed up soooo much of my valuable time!

And, if you didn’t already know about it, I hope that this email/post  is as mind blowing and life saving for you as the info was for me!  🙂

AAAAND, if you haven’t yet watched the replay of my recent webinar with Dawn Andrews,

“How to talk to the Camera So People Listen and Buy”..

Now’s your chance to kill two birds with one stone!

You can watch the replay AND test out your new YouTube Superpower!

Plus we sound AWESOME as chipmunks!

Okey dokey artichokey…

I hope this little nugget just made your day!

BTW: There are a few TIME SENSITIVE offers inside the webinar replay… so this is extra motivation to watch it– FASTER!

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