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January 6, 2017

What’s Goin’ On Below The Waist?

Do you have online friends that you generally only see from the waist up?

Well, I have lots of them!

Over my years as an online entrepreneur, I’ve come to be quite close to several colleagues whom I rarely see in person.

Instead, we meet regularly over video chat!

Cindia Carrere is one of these people.

I’ve been a client of hers since she started her business (she is an amazing energy healer and business intuitive),

AND not long after I launched the Body-Mind-Business Reboot, she became a client of mine!


Check out this video she made about her results!

Carrie Program Testimonial.mp4

Cindia has lost 4″ in her waist and 11 lbs so far!!!

And her husband (affectionately known as Groom) has lost 20lbs!

But my favorite thing about this video is Cindia’s open admission of her own resistance…

And how effortless it truly was once she said YES!

So, if you are ready to see and FEEL results like Cindia and Groom,

and you’re tired of feeling fat, foggy, frustrated, and unfulfilled,

Then join me in the next round of the Body-Mind-Business Reboot!

I’ve got your back (and backfat and bellyrolls- wink, wink)!

Doors opened yesterday, and will close on January 10th at 11:59 PM Pacific time!

Register here:  http://www.carrieroldan.com/reboot

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