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July 6, 2017

When I Finally GAVE UP On Trying to Build a Business, My Business Started Building Itself!

So, last week I decided that after hearing “we want MORE YOU” from many of the people on my list, that I would be committed to being even more REAL in my communication with you guys!

Now, the truth is that I’ve always been “real” with you…

I think you know by now that I’m a straight shooter and a person of integrity…

BUT, I was still holding a little bit back…

Afraid of not appearing professional,

Or not being a leader

Or some other bullshit story I was telling myself!

But here is the rad thing….

When I finally GAVE UP on trying to build a business, my business started building itself!

My intentions started HAPPENING!!

Because I finally got out of my own way!

I made you guys a video about the particulars of that… and how I was attacked by a fish 2 days ago!

Watch the Video To Learn:

* Why the fish attack is reflective of my business (and why that’s REALLY GOOD)

* Why deciding to make my business a “hobby that pays me” was actually REALLY smart!

* How peeling back the layers of ease in my life and business have translated in to more clients, opportunities, and dollars!


And if you’re ready to take this stuff a step further, let’s set up a time to chat!

Just go to to get on my calendar.



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