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April 17, 2017

When Your Spouse Doesn’t Support Your Business (Or Your Dreams)…

I’ll let you in on a little secret.

My husband is less than enthusiastic about my business…

BUT, he’s waaaay more supportive now than he was a couple of years ago.

And, on this week’s episode of the #CarrieRoldanShow, I finally got some insight into WHY!

He had a plan!  And it didn’t include me being an entrepreneur.

He saw my business as an adversary to his plan for our life, and he didn’t understand my need to build it, grow it, nurture it, and devote myself to it… even when it wasn’t making money.

Sound familiar?!?!?!

If your spouse sometimes acts like a soul-crushing dream destroyer, TAKE HEART! There is HOPE!!!

Bette and Michael Friedlander are my guests on this episode, and they specialize in helping women just like us! We talk about the online marketing/coaching industries, and what they can inadvertently do to “happy” marriages!

What I’ve noticed is that there are 2 main stories floating around in the “successful woman entrepreneur” space:

1) “My husband supported me from the beginning and was my partner on this ride to the top.”

2) “My marriage was falling apart as my business was taking off”

And the problem for me was that #1 wasn’t true, and I wasn’t willing to let #2 become my reality!  I wanted  a successful business AND a healthy marriage, even though my spouse was less than supportive! I didn’t want to have to choose between my business and my marriage… and I had this crazy dream that I shouldn’t have to!

If this is you, then today’s show is JUST WHAT YOU NEED!

Bette and Michael share:

* WHY he may feel threatened by your business
* What he needs in order to “come around” and be supportive
* How to communicate in a way where you guys are “speaking the same language” and on the same page!

Even though things have GREATLY improved with my husband since I started my business, I know that there is plenty of room for improvement!  That is why I downloaded Bette and Michael’s free report and asked to join their upcoming Everyday Bliss program!

You can grab your copy of 7 Pitfalls That Kill Off Love, Intimacy and Desire by clicking HERE

Bette and Michael’s perspective and advice is suuuper valuable, whether you have a supportive spouse, or a soul-crushing dream destroyer!

Because ultimately we all want to create everyday bliss in our marriages and our businesses!  We all want to feel supported. and we all want  more love, joy, and satisfaction in ALL areas of our lives!  THIS is what Bette and Michael Friedlander are all about!

Download their free report here

Sending you HUUUUUGLE love and support on your entrepreneurial journey,

Miles of Smiles,


Carrie Roldan

Body-Mind-Business Mentor
Best Selling Author of Run Yourself Happy

If you’re a heart centered woman entrepreneur on the journey and could use some support getting into ALIGNMENT with what it is you truly desire, and find BALANCE in the midst of evolution, growth, and change so you can live into your potential and ENJOY your life and business…. then we should talk!  Schedule your complimentary Clarity Call with Carrie today!

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